Picking Schedule

This is the 2014 picking schedule.

Dear U-Pick Friends,

After an extremely cold, long winter and spring we feel fortunate to have a nice fruit supply for our u-pick customers this season. While we are lucky to have a nice fruit supply this year many farms in the state do not, this will most likely affect the demand. As always, please be sure to call for fruit availability and weather conditions before driving any distance.

We have a healthy crop of red raspberries in our first patch and the second patch is growing nicely. Our young blueberry patches have produced well and we will be offering u-picked berries from early July into mid August.

As for peaches, plums, nectarines and apples we have a nice supply over all. Even with some varieties having less fruit than others.

As usual we have planted lots of pumpkins, gourds and sweet corn. The garden is also growing with a wide assortment of fresh vegetables. Including heirloom tomatoes, green beans, eggplant, summer squash, beets, cut flowers etc.

As usual Crane's U-Pick is committed to offering high quality fruit at reasonable prices. We are looking forward to seeing our faithful customers soon. Our picking schedule is shaping up like this:

Please call 269-561-5126 for current fruit information.

Transparent apples:
A tart heirloom cooking apple. Available Early July.

Summer Apples:
Gingergold, a sweet yellow apple, available in Late August.

Red Raspberries:
Encore and Polana are sweet all purpose large berries. The first patch will be ready to be picked Early July through Mid July. Picking should start for the second patch in early August and be available into Fall.

Dukes's and Jersery's will be available Mid July through Mid August.

Shiro and Santa Rosa will be available around Mid August.

Picking will start in Early August with Risingstar. Red Haven, Redstar, Blazingstar, Starfire, Coralstar, Loring, Allstar, Blushingstar (white fleshed) and Glowingstar will be available Mid August through Early September. Redskin will be ready Mid September.

We offer Summer Beaut and Fantasia, with picking expected to start around Mid August through Mid September.

Mid August to Late September we offer a nice variety of pre-picked vegetables and flowers: sweet corn, tomatoes, beets, green beans, squash, eggplants, herbs, and more!

Fall Apples:
Picking should be around Mid September to Early October with Gala and Golden Supreme followed by Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Empire, McIntosh, Cortland, Jonagold and Fuji. Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Mutsu, Rome, Winesap and Ida Red will be available for picking in October.

Mid September through October, take a pumpkin barrow and browse through our four acre patch until you find your perfect pumpkin. We also offer a nice selection of pre-picked specialty pumpkins and gourds, Jack O'Lantern and Giant Pumpkin.

Nuts begin falling in Early October.

Please remember, all of the above dates are approximate. For current information call (269) 561-5126. Dress properly: layered shirts, sunscreen, hats and close toed, flat shoes. Don't forget sunscreen and insect repellent. Save money by bringing your own containers (small, shallow boxes or 1/2 bushel baskets transport fruit best). Always call the above number for current fruit information. We can't wait to see you!

Gary and Sandy Crane


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